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@roytang @switchfollows Sayang walang PS version. paano setup mo dito kapag maglaro kayo jackbox games? Naka out na lang sa TV yung desktop mo?
@aleksfelipe @switchfollows I havent tries it myself. Kina mike ko lang yan nalalaro lol
@roytang @aleksfelipe most of those are newstyle jackbox game. you log in to a chatroom on the jackbox servers to play a game. stream friendly nga, you can have audience log-in - some games actually are scored by the audience
@switchfollows @aleksfelipe Pwede tayo magmultiplayer over the internet?
@roytang @aleksfelipe lag may be an issue, since yung host machine lang yung may prompts (topics, questions). in theory pwede, pero in person yung assumption