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Daredevil Season 3 spoiler-free review

  • This season is amazing. I was planning on watching the season over a period of 3-4 days. Instead I ended up finishing it all in one day, ending at 3 in the morning. The pacing was tight and there was no good place to stop as you always wanted to know what happens next
  • The entire cast gave great performances
  • Wilson Fisk comes out strong to carry the season, looming over Hell’s Kitchen and presenting a sinister, cunning, and apparently unstoppable criminal mastermind
  • Wilson Bethel’s Ben Poindexter is seemingly unbeatable in combat and gives us some great fight scenes and a fantastic performance
  • Ugh, I wish I could write spoilers lol
  • I used to consider Daredevil S1 to be the best of the Marvel/Netflix seasons so far; I think I have to crown a new champion


Ugh. The completist in me is angry at the procrastinator. Have to get through JJ, LC & IF first.
agree. tops used to be a tossup for me. wala nang duda ngayon.
Wow! Ang bilis mo Roy! Nasa ep 2 pa lang ako!
None of those are necessary to watch this season! (Knowing what happens at the end of Defenders is helpful though)
Roy Tang yeah, but…
If I skip 'em, that pretty much leaves them unwatched. Forever.
Lol I totallly understand this feeling
hahaha buti na lang talaga napagtiyagaan ko mga meh seasons ng ibang defenders.
Yesterday wasnt very productive for me lol
nasa pinas anak ko. alam ko wala pang anak roy. so medyo free kami. kamusta free time mo Maan Dela Cruz Sicam ? # congrats
Wes Platon hahaha! # whatissleep