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Watching Lately: October 2018

Some things I’ve been watching lately, aside from the usual TV shows I follow:

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (on Amazon Prime) – surprisingly good, even if I’m not too familiar with the Jack Ryan stuff. I only know John Krasinski from The Office,

Spoilers for Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan:

  • The story starts with Ryan tracking down Suleiman’s network via financials, but they never follow-up on who was financing his group
  • I’m not sure what was the point of the whole drone pilot side story (including the weird trip to the casino and the night with the couple), although it was admittedly kind of entertaining

Daredevil season 3 (on Netflix) – I enjoyed the season a lot. I posted a spoiler-free review over on the ireadcomicbooks tumblr. Over here I can post spoilers.

  • I wasn’t familiar with Murdock’s parentage from the comics, so the Maggie reveal came as a surprise to me. A+
  • Sad that there was no Bullseye namedrop.
  • The ending kind of flubbed it a bit, could have used an explanation of at what point Matt decided not to kill Fisk. It’s not clear if it was something he decided on the spot or if the compromise was part of a plan he devised after interrogating Manning.

Venom – I initially wasn’t planning on watching this given the terrible early reviews, but eventually I was like, hey I watched X-Men Apocalypse so might as well watch this too. It turned out not so bad (low expectations helped), although I find the movie’s enhancements to the symbiote abilities a bit disconcerting. Read my spoiler-free review here.

Batman Ninja – I found out this was on Netflix and went ahead and watched it. The animations and character designs are nice, but the plot is just ridiculous lol. Feels like someone wrote a Batman fanfic.

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