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since mono-red is the majority of the meta at my ranking, what deck would be best to punish that deck

For budget options, I like the white weenie decks vs red. They have 12 one-drops that can gain life (the vampire from legion’s landing, the 1/1 lifelink flier and the 1/1 gain 1 life if if i have 3 creatures), so they almost always have incidental lifegain. If they manage to pump even 1-2 lifelink vampires with the “convoke and put a +1/+1 counter on my dudes” elephant, it’s a big deal. (I should really learn the names of cards). Selesnya is also pretty good - they have access to both Knight of Autumn and Wildgrowth Walker, so it’s kind of a nightmare. And then of course there’s those control decks that have Absorb AND “Gain 3 life draw a card” AND Moment of Craving. I consider these much worse matchups for RDW than Golgari

I agree the Golgari deck can run out of steam too. Golgari’s advantage is that your creatures are generally of higher quality and will win over theirs (except maybe for Chainwhirler). Find, Vivien, Karn, and even small Vraska are good for getting your second wind and refilling your hand after stabilizing.

I also run 1 Brontodon in the main, but I don’t think I can cut the reapers, as I’ve won a few close fights just by chump blocking with creatures to draw cards and find my answers.

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