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Star Trek fans: You’re probably already watching Discovery, but if you’re not also watching The Orville, you’re really missing out!

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spoiler alert : : : : : : : : : : : : Yep, galing ng kaylon at krill role reversal hahaha
Spoilers dude! Baka may nde pa nakapanood haha
Post edited. Pero expected na yan from episode 8. Na-predict nga ng anak ko (si venser, 10 yrs old na) na yan mangyayari
Yeap, hindi naman masyadong surprising, pero the episode was still great!
Yep ganda ng series na to. Top 5 namin ngayon sa bahay: orville, brooklyn 99, the flash, goldbergs/ schooled, big bang (astig din yung d&d episode last week)
You guys still watching STD? It's a mess. Everytime Michael Spock does a whispered dialogue, I just roll my eyes.
Finally saw Identity Pt 2. Wooh! Hanep yung space battle! Sana 26 episodes per season. Bitin ako.
Eh, it's fine, as long as you don't expect it to have the same tone as TNG, DS9, etc. (We have Orville for that.) Also, calling it STD probably doesnt have. The second season seems better than the first.
What platform is The Orville on, Roy Tang ?
hmmm ok pa din sa akin so far.
It's on regular US TV, Fox network. I don't think it's on any of the streaming services. I get my episodes through…uh… other sources lol