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- I watched Far From Home while I was… far from home.
- great movie, lots of fun, and the stakes are a lot higher than the Vulture just stealing some tech off Tony Stark
- basically a story of Peter Parker the high school student trying to juggle his Spider-Man problems with his high school life, which was one of the best eras of comic book Spider-Man
- the movie gives us a look at what the world looks like post-Endgame and how weird it is for everyone
- if you’ve seen the trailers, you know who the “villain” is and you have certain expectations coming in. I was worried this would be a problem but it worked out fine, it wasn’t a problem and was handled well
- There is a mid-credits scene, possibly one of the best I’ve ever seen, in terms of how it changes the entire tone of the movie. There is also a post-credits scene, the implications of which are still unclear and will leave the fanbase speculating for a while
- Magugustuhan ba ni Mama: Possibly! There’s a lot of “cute” Peter Parker high school moments she’d probably like, and the plot and action aren’t too hard to follow

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I like the MCU Spidey more than the comics Spidey. It's been decades since I've read the comics, but from what I remember, he was just unreasonably miserable and isolated. I'm glad MCU Spidey seems more balanced, and has a better support system. Also, I feel that MCU MJ is so much better than the comics MJ, who seemed to me to be a generic warm-hearted hot chick. In these movies, she's quirky and more real and her own person. Though I bet quite a lot of white fanboys are still complaining she's not a curvy redhead.
Was it just me or was the gunmen beatdown in the trailers not in the movie?!