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I thought about making a tag “things that would only interest me” for this one lol.

I’ve uploaded some old web archives of the oldest versions of my site - back when I still had free sites hosted on the likes of Geocities, Tripod and the lesser-known TopCities. Click here for the index!

I’ve had these archives for a while and only now decided to put them up on the site. It’s fun browsing through the older versions, basically relics of a bygone era. It was a time of hand-made HTML, CSS and JS, something that appealed to the tinkerer in me. I remember a disdain for things like Dreamweaver’s WYSIWYG site building, or the site-builder tools that came with these free webhosts. Real men build their HTML by hand! It was a lot of effort to maintain websites back then, but I had a lot of fun.

Some highlights:

I thought about including all of this stuff in the blog’s git repo, but decided against it because:

  • there’s a LOT of files, it would unnecessarily increase the size of the repo
  • I don’t expect to be making updates to this content often once I’ve uploaded them
  • I haven’t vetted all the files, just the pages; there might be some stuff floating around in there that’s not exactly legal (read: piracy). I’ve cleaned up what I can, but we don’t want to run afoul of Github’s policies or whatever so better safe than sorry

Most of the blog-like content had already been absorbed into this blog previously. It’s fun to go through some of the other stuff too, like looking at a snapshot of the sort of things or sites or files I was interested in almost 20 years ago (unsurprisingly, mostly the same things as today!)

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