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My Personal Reading List

I recently imported my old reviews from Goodreads into this blog as posts. These days I generally prefer just writing my book reviews here anyway, so I will likely stop using Goodreads as a service completely.

To facilitate tracking of my read/unread books (and perhaps to inspire me to read more, as I really should), I’ve published an old file which I’ve been using as a sort of “to-read” list since 2010. I don’t restrict myself to reading items from this list, but it serves as a helpful reference should I feel like picking up a new book. I don’t have a target for reading them all or anything like that. There are so many items on this list that it’s doubtful I will be able to read them all in this lifetime or the next.

Tracking them on the blog is a bit more low-tech than using Goodreads, but at least it’s straightforward. Here you go: The Reading List

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