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Gave this a quick run and won 5 consecutive BO3 matches easily, barely any struggle. And I never even cast scapeshift! The one close match was vs Fires; Game 1 I almost ran out of cards before I closed the game with a huge krasis, Game 2 he hit me with Unmoored Ego, but I responded with Growth Spiral to play the 2nd Field so it was fine (I never seem to have the Veils when I want them). Granted, this was in Gold, but I look forward to trying to use this deck to grind as far up as I can til end of month.

Since I never got the chance to cast scapeshift, I’d like to confirm that if I sacrifice exactly 7 lands and search for 7 uniques including field of the dead, I get 7 zombie triggers yes? (I assume if I have more than 7 and at least one of them is field, I shouldnt sac the field so that I get more triggers)

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