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Weeknotes 2020-01-26

It feels like every week of 2020 so far has brought some sort of herald of doom. First week was potential War with Iran breaking out. Then there was the Taal Volcano erupting. And this past week we had the Corona virus outbreak originating in China. At least the Volcano eruption doesn’t map directly to a horseman of the apocalypse, so that’s something. What are we in for this week??

This past week has been quite productive with my personal projects. I managed to get a very very minimal version of one of my self-data tracking projects online (to replace a bunch of spreadsheets I’ve been using before). IDK if this is something that might eventually turn out to be useful for other people, but for now it’s still limited to my use only, until I am satisfied with the features/usability, as it is still very raw. I also migrated a small app from Flask to Django, that was fun.

I kind of got in the groove of the Twitch streaming thing, I did 3 more streams this week. I still don’t actually identify as a streamer, but I did put a link to the Twitch account here on the site, so that’s a thing now. I announce all streams on Twitter, and you can also check past broadcasts on this site via the twitch tag. Thanks to my friends for being supportive! Also, maybe I should buy a decent headset! The great thing about this game streaming thing is that I’m basically taking time I would have already spent playing games and doing something extra on top of that, so that’s something!

One game that I have been playing a bit but not streaming is Tales of Berseria, which I started just before the last weeknote. I’ve been meaning to get into this for a while (got it from Humble Bundle monthly like half a year ago or such), since I’m a big fan of the Tales series. I sunk like a dozen hours into it this week, it’s pretty good! Combat is engaging as usual, and I think the story is one of the best in the series. As usual, full review when I get done.

Between all the coding and the streaming and the gaming, I’ve fallen behind on my 2020 Movies target, with no movies finished watching this week. Let’s see if I can make up for it in later weeks. I did manage to finish half of The Expanse season 3 though, so that’s a thing. Star Trek Picard started this week and it’s on Prime Video, but it’s one of those episode-a-week deals, so that can wait until later.

Trivia team won our first quiz of the year last Tuesday at Geekfight! I was looking forward to this one since like half of the categories were good for me. Batman round was very tough, but I confidently carried the MTG and One Piece rounds and helped a bit with the other rounds to bring us to victory! We finally manage to join one of their leagues from the very start, so we’re hoping to do well in this particular league!

This week’s site updates:

  • minor cleanups and QoL updates all around

This coming week I’m looking forward to:

  • maybe a Lord of the Rings themed quiz on Friday, it depends
  • (paper) Theros Sealed event next Saturday
  • there’s also a bunch of things I’ve been meaning to write, hopefully I get around to them
  • new family member probably arriving!
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