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FUTURE ARCHEOLOGIST: Ancient humans seem to have worshipped some kind of magnificent nocturnal bird that only appears once a year, some kind of Superb Owl

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@roytang Future Archeologist 2: Ah yes, and we have found evidence that to appease this Owl deity, puppies were pitted to fight one another to the death! Those ancient times were brutal indeed!
@Westraid im not sure if the puppies thing is a reference to one of the teams i know literally nothing about football other than making puns about the event name lol
@roytang Puppy Bowl? I don’t know anything about Superbowl either but I believe they show cute puppies “playing” football in the break or something? (οΎŸβ–½οΎŸο½€*)?
@Westraid lol i have only learned of this now