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Removing Bing integration like some replies suggested has worked! (Needs a reboot)

looks like it was a server side issue, @WindowsUpdate is looking into it

Quoted WindowsUpdate's tweet:
@syst_and_deploy @roytang Thank your for flagging this earlier. Check in with our Windows Release Health Dashboard for the latest updates:
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Windows 10 Search Blank FIX !!!

Regedit - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Search - New DWORD ‘BingSearchEnabled’ - value 0 - Reboot

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@MorkenTheMonk thanks!

@roytang @WindowsUpdate Hi @roytang ,

I am not getting bingsearch enable option under given path on regedit …Is there any other way to get search functionality back ?

@Tejinder_dass @WindowsUpdate you need to create BingSearchEnabled entry yourself. Or you can check the replies to my earlier tweets, there were some other suggestions. Or just wait for @WindowsUpdate to fix it

@roytang @WindowsUpdate Thanks Roy, with creation of new regedit value it resolved issue :-),

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@roytang @WindowsUpdate Hi @roytang , Its me again :-), got windows update

Feature update to Windows 10, version 1909 but still search function is not working for internet thing.

Can you help me if this is due to new regedit entry created or still I need to stay on current setup?.

@Tejinder_dass @WindowsUpdate sorry man, IDK. You can just try to remove it and see?