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Weeknotes 2020-07-19

My country:

  • There are days when I have to consciously temper my rage at the shenanigans of this government. I can’t write about them today.

My stuff:

  • This week’s pandemic notes.
  • Had a busy work week again; at the same time I also picked up an older charity project where the client asked for UI updates. Had issues with running the old code, and it was small enough, so I decided to rewrite it in a new tech stack. Might write about it at some point.
  • Gaming:
    • I am like 98% through the FF7R hard mode run. I’m totally making these percentages up, but I do have only one trophy left, and it’s this annoying minigame.
    • I started trying out some of the new leaders/civs in the Civ6 New Frontier pack. Another drop should be coming this week, so looking forward to that!
    • MTG JumpStart is out this week! I tried it a couple of times on Arena. Some combinations are much better than others; the sad things is if you picked a miserable pair you have to stick with it longer before you can get your requisite two wins. Here’s an (ongoing) thread of my JumpStart results will probably update it through the month it’s available.
  • Quiz:
    • Didn’t win any online quiz this week, boo.
  • Watching lately:
    • After watching Atomic Blonde last week, I watched the Old Guard for back-to-back Charlize Theron action flicks. Pretty fun, although some plot points might make you go what?
    • There’s a bunch of stuff coming out in July that I might watch: new season of Umbrella Academy, and there’s a Transformers anime coming out on NF, and well, there’s also a long backlog of things to watch…
  • Side projects:
    • Nothing to note, too busy.

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