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Weeknotes 2020-10-18

So my current webhost finally decided to give me a deadline, the long and short of it is that my new server needs to be ready by December the 9th, giving me a bit under a month to get things in order. I’m already in the middle of setting up the new server, so I think I’ll be ready by early November anyway. Most of the code to run the new blog is also mostly ready (who knows how many bugs there are though!) I am (re-)learning a lot about server setups though, so hopefully I’ll have quite a few blog posts to write the migration is done.

Gaming: Hey, I finished Super Mario Galaxy! There’s 15 post-game stars only available after beating the game, I’m trying to work through them before moving on to Odyssey, alhough some of them are quite stressful. (Apparently there’s an entire 120 stars again afterwards in some kind of second quest, but I figure I can come back to that some other time.)

Still ongoing: the Inktober thing. It’s surprising that I haven’t missed a day yet. (Hopefully I haven’t jinxed it.)

Watching lately: I’ve taken to having old seasons of NCIS running in the background (via Prime Video) recently, they’re the sort of show you can just leave running while you’re doing other things, and if you miss something it really doesn’t matter. I also started on Expanse season 4, but that requires more focused watching so the going is slow. I have some backlog to work through, since The Boys season 2 and Star Trek Discovery season 3 are both out now.

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