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Posted on r/StreetFighter: SF5 - is it expected to be so hard to find a match?

Filthy casual here. I haven’t booted up the game in a while, I play on Steam (though I also have the PS4 copy… somewhere). Tried to find a match (ranked) last night, around 10pm. My settings are connection 4-5, platform any. Waited for 10 mins, couldn’t find a match. Not sure if it’s because I’m low ranked (ultra bronze i think) while everyone’s already silver and up or something? Or are there so few people playing nowadays that it’s difficult to find matches. Or is it because I’m in southeast asia? Is it harder to find matches here? Or is my connection terrible? Or should I try various times of the day?

This was the reason I haven’t played in a while anyway, I always find it difficult to find matches. The whole reason I booted up was I was tempted by the s5 character pass, since the idea of queueing with random select via Eleven was appealing to me. But if it’s difficult to find matches, there’s no point.