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Sincere Blogging

On I wrote:

Please write more.

Not just on social media, FB, Twitter, whatever. Write on your own sites and blogs. On your tumblrs, wordpresses, whatever. Long-form, rambling, incessant. The world could use more sincere blogging.

The above was written mostly as a response to finding so many of my friends’ old and inactive blogs in my RSS reader.

I like the term I coined there, “sincere blogging”. I’d define it as any blogging that isn’t for any kind of commercial purpose like for selling something or to generate ad revenue. Sincere blogging can be intended as informative or aspirational or purely for self-expression, as long as it’s not mainly commercial in purpose.

And it served as reminder to me, as I haven’t been writing here as often as I could have. I feel like in the past few years, I’ve filtered my writing a bit by only writing blog posts when I feel like I have something longish or elaborate or profound to say, and that led to making it harder to write posts when I was low on energy or whatever. Most probably a consequence of the proliferation of microblogging, as if a post needed to justify it’s length so that it wouldn’t get relegated to the ranks of “notes”. And I’ve been restricting myself to at most one post a day, which is a bit arbitrary and entire meaningless. So, let’s change all that, I’m hoping. I should be free to post more than once if I want to.

So here I am with my nonsense again, if you’ll have me.

(Not like I ever left, mind you…)

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