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Deleting Old Content

Kev Quirk writes about why he deletes old content:

This blog is intended to provide a semi-permanent, point in time snapshot of the various thoughts running around my brain. As such, any thoughts and opinions expressed within my previous posts may not be the same, or even similar, to those I may hold today.

I like keeping around my content for a similar reason as above: they may reflect thoughts or opinions that are not the same as those I hold today. They reflect a past version of me and my thoughts and I like that past me lives on in some way on this site, even if present-day me may already be a different person. I make sure that every post on this

I feel exactly the same about my Twitter and Fosstodon accounts. Everything I Tweet/Toot on those platform is an ephemeral thought that’s popped into my brain. So in 6 months time, they’re very unlikely to be relevant or useful.

That being said, I can appreciate the above thought, since I’m sure I’ve tweeted a lot of nonsense over the years that’s not really useful to retain. During the recent weeks, I’ve started slowly going through the old Twitter posts archived here on this site and deleting some old stuff that for sure I have no interest in retaining. Examples of what I’m deleting: tweets for joining giveaways, tweets promoting sales, test tweets, etc. Basically anything not related to something I was actually doing or a thought or opinion I’m expressing.

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