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2016 August

This is a fantastic alter #mtg
Wow, we’re approaching North Korea levels of stupid here. I didn’t link directly to the post because I didn’t want to give them even more shares, pero ang nakakatawa naniniwala sila lahat duon lol. Or maybe nakakaiyak? Andami pang naniniwala dun sa comments!
Still waffling on getting No Man’s Sky on Steam before release, since I’m already playing this other game with wild alien vistas and strange beasts
Lol this reminds me of a certain local politician and his erstwhile followers
I like how the SC’s reaction is basically “Chill lang. Tell us the details of your allegations. Here’s a process we can use”
Good job Olympics (it’s a parody account :p)
Kung merong kelangan mag move on para magkaron ng Unity, bakit hindi ang Marcoses ang mag move on at ilibing na lang si Marcos sa Ilocos? Mas ma-aappreciate pa ng mga tao duon for some reason I can’t fathom. Bakit yung mas madami na nagdusa sa mga kasalanan ni Marcos (na karamihan hindi pa nabibigyan ng hustisya) ang magbibigay-daan para lamang sa pride ng iisang pamilya? Hindi ba dapat the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few?

2016 July

Druid time? #hearthstone

2016 June

Wes Maoi nakakainis kayo lol

2016 May

So, after all that weighing of pros and cons of the different candidates, I might be the only idiot who accidentally voted #abstain4president. It wasn’t any glitch in the machine or the ballot, just a glitch in the user. After standing in a hot queue for one hour, I took my ballot and sat down. I decided to skip the President slot first and just come back to it later since I was undecided, then filled in VP, Party-List and Senators.

2016 April

True? False? Hyperbole? Misquote? Joke lang? Out of context? BIAS? Ok lang kasi matapang naman sya? Hindi dapat ako ma-offend unless criminal ako? Bukas iba na ang kwento?
Seriously though, if you’re as entertained by shenanigans as I am, he’s like the gift that keeps on giving. If/when he wins, this teleserye goes on for six years (or maybe 3-6 months lang, if he’s actually telling the truth on that one)
Who needs checks and balances? Amirite?
Thanks Brian Jefferson Tan!
I haven’t done this in a while. There’s a high chance I might just crash and burn in round 1. But I’m already happy I was able to do well in the qualifying round (I had to cheat a bit and asked a friend to help with the math for the fourth problem, but I would have advanced without it)
Maybe people should try to discuss politics this way
Save this image and use liberally when discussing politics

2016 March

Still undecided? Here’s a helpful guide: (source:
Still undecided? Here’s a helpful guide: (source:
So I managed to “platinum” Rocket League on Steam (all nonDLC achievements) despite not being very good at it. Goes to show how easy it is to get into, but I guess I’m done with the game for now

2016 February

Jose Marciano Patino paki-explain. Or paki-fix lol. Also, buying: Used copy ng Ultimate MvC3 for PS3
2016 Book #5: Triumph of the Darksword. I read the first two books of this trilogy back in high school, and I recently decided to get a used copy from Amazon (special thanks to the courier, you know who you are). I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to dive into the third book without having to re-read the first two, with a general recollection of the events from the first book still intact.

2016 January

Alvin Tang SF5 beta is up. 3-1 na ako online yay! Lol
Voter preferences for President (from SWS). Miriam is doing really poorly, and afaik she hasn’t really been campaigning too hard (if at all)

2015 December

As I mentioned in a separate thread, one of the things that I find most scary is the fanaticism and unquestioning loyalty of the Duterte supporters online. The attached photo is a sampling of comments in Carlos Conde’s post that contained links to reports from various international organisations regarding the DDS killings. (Carlos Conde’s original post:
The comments read worse than a Youtube comments section, with responses typically:
 assuming anyone who is against their candidate is automatically either a criminal or a paid hack advocating murder and/or rape or some other form of violence against anyone who disagrees pointing to other problems (saf44/mamasapano) as if the existence of those problems makes this one any less problematic assuming it’s a demolition job meant to derail Duterte’s campaign (which would be more believable)  I’m not saying all Duterte supporters are like this, but his campaign isn’t going to garner much support from social media moderates like me if majority of the supporters argue in this manner.

2015 November

PC builders: Anyone have any negative experience with the following components: #pcmasterace

2015 October

I wonder how bad the performance on that matching job is. 60M x4 is a lot of records, but I assume that they generate some sort of unique hash for each fingerprint that should be indexed to make matching faster. If not, /glare
Also, do go check your registration details people~

2015 August

So they cost the same…but one of them has bacon. Is this a trick question?

2015 March

These facebook ads are getting to be highly specific…

2014 November

I was trying to see if I still had a copy of the old RTK3 data we used to use which had a whole lot of our friends/classmates as custom officers. The only one I found only had a lot of Kerwins!
David Ramirez Michael Daniel V. Samson Raymond Lirag would any of you have a copy? Wala lang lol

2013 December

Michael Daniel V. Samson Joel Caisido remember this? :p For some reason I had a copy of the programme from the year after we won. (Pisay apparently did not send a team for the ‘95 event). I remember the last question was some area computation where we knew the formula from a booklet Mike had that we coincidentally read just before the final round.
a silly photo from years long past

2013 September

Raymond Lirag ito yung first two entries sa event history ng DCI number ko. Bale 1-0-1 ang record ko vs you lifetime :p (I don’t even remember this tournament) #throwbackthursday

2013 June

This is a photo of me and my grandfather shortly after I was born, in what was once (still is?) a Javier family tradition. #throwbackthursday #amidoingitrite

2013 May

Finally done. Total time around 1hr including waiting and the actual voting
Facebook: As requested by Marco Sancho

2013 February

Random purchase. It’s not an impulse buy if I’ve been thinking about it for a while right?

2012 December

2011 July

Pizza! #camote

2011 May

Something I drew during a meeting (don’t ask me to explain what it is). Colored by Raquel Dee. It kinda feels like something an elementary school kid would draw and show to his parents :p

2011 March

Sorry…naaliw lang ako sa magkasunod na post sa news feed ko. Hindi ko sure kung magkapitbahay nga sila. Names/pictures blotted out para walang personalan :p

2010 November

Team Camote (4th place)

2010 July

Unique dual monitor setup! World of Warcraft up top, web browser below the keyboard. Too bad it’s not a touch screen.

2010 June


2010 March

Eto yung proof na tumakbo talaga ako. Pero feeling ko sa may start pa ito, parang marami pa kong energy based sa facial expression :D
The farewell gift from CICS teammates. :D

2009 October

After Mongolian lunch at City Grill

2009 September

A ninja appeared in my room to fix the computer!