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  • Posted on r/civ: Civ5 - Stuck at “Please wait”

    I havent played civ5 in a while and I thought I’d give the latest patch a go. I find that every so often the game hangs between turns - it’s stuck with “Please wait” and the mouseover message says it is waiting for other human players (it’s a singleplayer game obviously). It’s not that it’s just taking too long to complete, it seems to be stuck in some sort of infinite loop. I left it running for 10-15 minutes at one point with no luck.

    When i get to this state I need to load a few turns back and change a few decisions. If I just do the same things, the game will hang again.

    Anyone encountering this? Not sure if it’s a problem with my particular save, gonna try to start another game.

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