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Feb 2017

Jan 2015

  • Wish me luck!

    [10:10] Rd1 2-0 vs ub control #gpmnl

    [11:33] R2 2-0 vs ub control #gpmnl 2-0 overall

    [12:45] R3 2-0 vs temur, 3-0 overall #gpmanila

    [14:04] R4 2-0 vs temur, 4-0 overall #gpmanila

    [15:19] R5 2-0 vs temur, 5-0 overall #gpmanila

    [16:50] 0-2 vs abzan whip, 5-1 overall #gpmanila

    [18:16] R7 2-0 vs monored, 6-1 overall #gpmanila

    [19:37] R8 2-1 vs jeskai tokens, 7-1 overall. Day 2! #gpmanila

    [20:34] R9 2-0 vs abzan (terry soh) finish day 1 at 8-1 #gpmanila

    [20:36] Vengeance!

    [23:18] Today was a good day; tomorrow we fight again

Jun 2012

  • For everyone going into battle at GP Manila today: Relax, have fun, be lucky. :D

    [09:01] Looks like around 1200 at gp manila lots more than I expected

    [12:14] Started out 3-0 now the hard part begins #gpmnl

    [18:35] Now at 6-2, must win the final round to advance to day 2 #gpmanila

    [19:56] Aw crap, i’m playing tomorrow. It’s my first gp day 2! #achievementunlocked #gpmanila

    [19:59] I’m not cut out for nine rounds anymore, my brain is already jelly.

    [22:41] Salamat po sa mga supporters at sa mga bumati sa twitter (showbiz), pero wala pa po akong napapanalunan. Naiwasan ko lang maeliminate lol

    [22:49] Exhausted after a whole day of Magic at GP Manila, but I finally managed to make day 2 of a GP. The battle continues tomorrow!