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  • Posted on r/ipad: Is there a way for me to use an Apple account on the iTunes store without specifying a payment method?

    I’m in the UK for a few months so I thought I’d try Netflix, which we don’t have where I live. I created a UK apple account so that I could download Netflix from the app store, but apparently I must enter payment info first and of course I don’t have a UK credit card to use.

    I don’t have access to a PC during the trip so I can’t do anything that requires the use of anything other than my iPad. Am I shit out of luck?

    Edit: After a chat with apple support, I was able to create a new account with no payment details, as explained by /u/anchorboi

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  • Posted on r/ipad: Just got a stylus…suggestions?

    The stylus is a Targus one…I plan to use the iPad for drawing/random doodling, but the only drawing app I have at the moment is Adobe Ideas. Any suggestions for good drawing/doodling apps (preferably free ones)?

    Also, I’m using the official Apple case, but I’d like to be able to attach the stylus to the ipad somehow to avoid losing it…any ideas?

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  • Posted on r/ipad: Should I jailbreak my iPad?

    I’ve been using my iPad for a bit more than a month now, and I’m mostly satisfied. I use it for browsing, social networking, ebook reading and s few games. Several people are telling me however that I’m not getting the most out of the device uless I jailbreak it. How true is this, especially for an engineer type who likes to tinker with stuff? Are there any risks or disadvantages to jail breaking? Will I lose my warranty?

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