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Nov 2019

  • Anime Opening/Ending Themes

    Had a friendly discussion last night about our favorite anime theme music, figured I’d share some of my favorites. J-Pop in general and anime theme music in particular have a kind of energy that you just don’t get from Western music. I think that generally I tend to favor those that openings for series that I had a chance to watch on TV (instead of via streaming/online channels), since back in those days I had to sit through the openings!

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Nov 2018

  • Favorite JRPG Tracks

    I used to play a lot of JRPGs, especially back during they heyday of the Playstation Era. These days, I only get to play a few, but I still enjoy a lot of the music tracks from this game, often the battle music since I prefer more upbeat tracks. Here are some of my favorite JRPG tracks from recent years: Rivers in the Desert (Persona 5) – easily the best song in the OST for me, and the rest of this OST is amazing so that’s saying a lot.

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Dec 2005

  • I’m no music critic; often I can’t even carry my own tune. But I do know what I like, and I know I like the Eraserheads’ music. If you don’t know who the ‘heads are, they’re basically the Beatles of the Philippines, galvanizing the local music industry and serving as an example and inspiration to numerous other bands that followed after them. It’s only fitting then that many of the current crop of Filipino performers pay tribute to them in the form of Ultraelectromagnetic Jam.

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  • Currently listening to “Boulevard of Broken Songs”, a neat mashup mainly of Green Day’s “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” and Oasis’ “Wonderwall”. This and some other mashups here. (haven’t listened to the others though… ) Another interesting mashup that came out quite a while back was “This Is How You Remind Me Someday” , where Nickelback is caught basically reusing the same chords for two songs. Great stuff. Other songs/bands I’ve been listening to lately:

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