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Aug 2017

  • For the past 2 weeks or so now, I’ve been having issues with my ISP (I’m not in the US, so it’s not Comcast or whatever).

    Specifically, I often lose access to Google-related sites/services: the search engine itself, Gmail, Google Docs/Drive, Youtube, Google Keep are the ones I use most often. I’ve restarted my router multiple times already over the past couple of weeks. Same issue is encountered on my desktop (wired), laptop, iPad, phone (when connected over wifi) etc.

    I know it’s related to my ISP because (a) I’ve read some other users experiencing similar issues on social media; (b) if I tether to my phone’s data connection, the problem isn’t encountered.

    I don’t have a proxy server configured. I used to be using Google DNS but I’ve also tried switching back to my ISP’s default DNS with no luck.

    What’s the best way for me to figure out what the issue is? (Preferably in a way that I can bring it up to my ISP so that they know specifically what they need to fix - talking to their customer service is a tedious experience so I’ve decided to figure out as much as possible before going back to them)

    Screenshot of the error from the browser: enter image description here

    Sample tracert: enter image description here

    Pings seem ok right now (although if I leave ping -t running for a while, there’s an occasional “Request timed out”): enter image description here

Nov 2012

  • It’s happened a few times, I’m not sure how to diagnose/debug, so any advise would be appreciated.


    • sometimes the router will randomly disconnect; the connection icon on my desktop (wired to the router) gets that yellow “!” symbol that tells me my connection just went down. At this point I’m unable to ping the router.
    • afterwards I try to reset the router by removing then reconnecting the power jack on the router side (this is the fastest way as I can’t reset the power strip it’s connected to without rebooting my desktop. the router has a reset thingy, but it’s one of those things where i have to find a pin to stick into the hole, and when I get disconnected I usually need to get reconnected immediately so I just pull and put back the power jack), but even after that the connection has the same state.
    • after the router reboots, if I try to connect to it using a wifi device like my ipad, the ipad prompts me for the wifi password even though it had already “remembered” all the settings for this router forever
    • after i finally decide to reboot the power strip, and my desktop and the router boot up again, the connection returns to its normal state somewhat and i’m able to connect to it as normal using the desktop and wifi devices.

    What do I need to check the next time this happens so I can figure out the problem? Is it possibly because we’ve been using the power jack on the router as an easier way to reboot it? Should I be shopping around for a new router?

    If it helps, the router is a DLink DIR-300