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Beavers and Ducks

April Fools day today. The Gaming Intelligence Agency says they’re shutting down, but it’s likely one of their famous AFD pranks.

Board exams coming up next week, Tuesday and Wednesday. I need to borrow a calculator — the one I have isn’t on their list. I really should study more but for some reason I’m really confident. promises to study more

So I applied for a job at ASTI. Sure it’s a government place, but I know a lot of guys there and it looks like fun. Interviewed last week, hope they call back.

And so another Holy Week went by uneventfully. Another 8-hour 7th heaven marathon. Another trip to St. Vincent’s for confession and way of the cross. So the wheel turns.

Local matinee idol Rico Yan dead at 25 last Good Friday. I’d tell you more about it, but the TV stations have already covered the story to death.

I saw the Star Wars trailer! Lots of fighting, and the Jedis look like they’re gonna get their butts whupped. Lousy title though.

Movies seen lately: Bandits and Ice Age. Oh, and for the umpteenth time, Austin Powers: TSWSM.

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Phoenix Genesis

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