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Cheap Rushing

[Posted on the GameFAQs message board in response to endless whining about rushes.

Last I heard, had a competitive ladder system, meaning if you want to go up on the ladder, you have to win. If rushing is the means for that win, you should go for it.

What does this mean? If you don’t want to be rushed, don’t play on, because on people play primarily to win and secondarily for fun.

Get a bunch of friends together and hook up a LAN and play amongst yourselves, where you can have your own rules like “No rushing!” or “Announce before attacking!” or “No building fifty million towers!”

If you insist on playing on, don’t play 3v3 or 4v4; it’s in these formats that rushing is a very viable strategy. I find that 2v2 is best, as there is little human interaction in 1v1.

If you think that rushing makes the game “no fun”, then maybe you should be playing another game. Warcraft III is a strategy game, the “fun” is in finding strategies to beat your opponent.

Rushing is a strategy, just like any other, and it can be defeated just like any other strategy (otherwise 100% of people would be rushing, which isn’t true)

Do you always get beaten by rushes? Maybe you should look at your build order to see how you could improve speed-wise or get more defense early on. Look at replays to see how people beat off rushes. Scout ahead to know they are coming. Practice against two or more computer opponents to test yourself. The key to improving is not to whine about things that are “cheap” or “no fun” but to study ways to beat those things.

As a note, I am not a rusher. Not often anyways. I will rush every so often, but only for variation. I attack when I can, creep when I can, and tech as fast as possible.

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