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We saw Revenge of the Sith at the Gateway mall in Cubao. It’s less than a year old, and it’s target audience is a higher class than the usual malls. It’s like it’s trying to be something like the Podium, which makes it a bit out of place in Cubao. The mall is good anyway, as you’d expect. Not my type of place to hang out, but has the comforts you’d expect of such a mall… clean, not much of a crowd, and people greeting you when you get off the taxi. It seems a bit tight, though. The hallways are a bit narrow, and the layout is a bit confusing. Or maybe I’m just used to Megamall.

The last time I was there, the only thing to see was the Taco Bell. It was therefore my first time at the cinemas there. It’s okay. We got reserved seats, so no crowds for us, and Alvin kept laughing at all the lined-up people who didn’t have the foresight to buy reserved tickets.

Alvin and Brian really liked the armrests that you could lift up to remove the barrier between seats — I guess it’s okay if you had a girlfriend. So, yeah, I didn’t care. :p

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so nice to hear a star wars fan who has something nice to say about the first half of the trilogy. ang galing ngayon ko nga lang naisip na si luke ay sith+jedi. cool.

OC-ness kicking in…I think you meant "the first trilogy"…the first half of the trilogy would be Phantom Menace and the first part of Attack of the Clones.

I didn't like those much. :p

true true. i meant the first half of the sixogy. or whatever you call a series of 6 movies. lol.

didn't like the first 2 movies either. go R2!

teka. san nanggaling yung jedi half ni luke? di ba ordinary mortal lang si padme?

I didn't really mean it that way…I was thinking more like "born from a Sith, trained by Jedi"

If you think about it, Luke was able to beat Vader in Return of the Jedi because of his hate and anger, but he didn't let it control him enough to kill his father. I guess I always thought it meant he could use the strength of the dark side without falling to its corruption.

or that he was too duwag to kill his evil father period. hahaha. pero oo nga, "there's still good in him" (i forget the real line) kaya buti din ganon nangyari.

unrelated: i get the shivers (in a not so good way) when i remember the line "ani, you're breaking my heart!" haha