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Movies: Revenge of the Sith

The circle is now complete. The whole tale has been told. Revenge of the Sith completes Lucas’ space opera. And the Force is strong in this one.

Highly enjoyable movie, if you take the time to push away your inner critic and look past the spotty acting, the so-so dialogue, and all the little flaws and inconsistencies you spot throughout the movie. Get past all of that, and it’s a decent enough ride, and a fitting conclusion to the Star Wars epic.

Seriously, people need to stop picking it apart and just enjoy the movie. Spoilers follow.

R2-D2=funny. Apparently that droid can do anything. Imagine having a universal socket that can hack any computer system? Plus apparently he’s smart and handy enough to fight off a couple of war droids. Not bad for an Astromech.

Mace Windu vs. Palpatine=good fight. Better than Yoda vs. Palpatine. Mace Windu is obviously better than Yoda at this, probably because he’s Morpheus’ cousin or something, or so my brother claimed. Speaking of which, my brother, sitting beside me, was cringing all throughout their fight. “Oh… he’s gonna die… he’s gonna die… "

Seriously, what was up with those 3 Jedi Mace Windu brought with him? They had like 1 hit point each. What was he thinking?

Anakin: Palpatine is a powerful Sith Lord. You’ll need my help.

Mace Windu: No way, fool. He’s just an old man. These 3 noobs will be enough.

(Palpatine kills the 3 noobs almost instantly)

Mace Windu: Crap.

Anakin’s turning to the Dark Side was believable enough, given a bit of suspension of disbelief. We should’ve known it was Padme that would lead to his fall. Too bad Anakin was so gullible… despite Obi-wan praising him for his wisdom. Women… why do theyΒ lead us to the dark side?

General Grievous was boring, kept running away. I hear he was better in the Clone Wars animated series. I’ll watch it sometime.

If you think about it… all those references to the later trilogy seemed conveniently crammed into the last part of the movie. So don’t think about it. Just enjoy the wholeness of the circle. πŸ˜€

Overall, the six-episode story was very good. Lucas’ sub-par execution make it an easy target for nitpickers, but the Star Wars mythos as a whole is rock-solid foundation, upon which writers far better than Lucas can improve on.

The story from beginning to end is very tight, from Anakin’s discovery as the “one who will bring balance to the force”, to his fall, to the rise of Luke, and eventually to Anakin’s redemption and Luke becoming the last from both lines – Jedi and Sith. And balance is brought to the Force.

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