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Webcomics I Like, 2006 Edition

I don’t really read a lot of webcomics. Well, at least not as many as some people. I generally prefer the ones with feeds. Here are the ones I follow that don’t have feeds. That is, I like them well enough to bother hitting their website to check for new comics.

Sinfest – awesome. It’s like a mature Calvin and Hobbes. Only with a talking pig instead of a tiger. And ninjas. And God!

Real Life – gaming-related webcomic. Despite it’s title, has nothing to do with Real Life at all.

8-bit Theatre – gaming-related webcomic. I think this was the first one I started following. Ever.

Ctrl Alt Delete – gaming-related webcomic. The humor is oftentimes low-brow, but it has some funny spots mostly due to slapstick or just plain insanity.

Order of the Stick – gaming-related webcomic. of the tabletop RPG gaming type that is.

Shortpacked – toys-related webcomic. Occasionally funny. I read it mostly so I can get a sense of an industry that I like but don’t really have time to interact with.

Questionable Content – eh, I’m not sure why I follow this. I’m not sure I can explain it, so from Wikipedia: “the style ranges between romantic melodrama, humor about indie rock music, and sexual or scatological humor”. I started reading it a while back and I stuck around. Not really funny. Well maybe it is if you follow indie rock.

And the ones that do have feeds:

Penny Arcade – to be honest, if I have to explain Penny-Arcade, you have no idea what webcomics are. If so, and you are a gamer of any sort, go read it.

Megatokyo – ditto. But to a lesser degree, and mostly for otaku.

Pvp Online – this one is not as popular as the above two, but popular nonetheless. It’s about guys working in a gaming mag, so more geekiness abounds. Eh, my feed for this seems to be dead. I’ll look for a new one.

xkcd – this is awesome and geeky, but not in the usual geeky way. The description is “A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.” Read it, maybe you’ll like it!

Edit: Well, I was trying to figure out why I didn’t have feeds of the first group, and I checked, and now I got feeds for all of ‘em! The list above is kept in original form however.

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