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Block 14-June-2008

The tournament was last Staurday, 14-June and the format wasLorwyn/Shadowmoor Block Constructed.

I had been having a bad constructed record over the past few tournaments, so I thought I’d play in one of the smaller tournaments before heading into another GPT. I didn’t want to play Kithkin (too random) or Faeries (not enough components). I though I would go for control instead and thus assembled the following Commandments decklist:

Round 1: Mirror match!

In this round I encountered the first problem with this deck, the mirror takes forever! We stretched game one over 45 minutes of the 50 minute round. I almost made a few mistakes here, such as killing my own men with two firespouts intended to kill Oona – but the spectators were a bit too obvious that I should’ve paid only green. I had gotten him down to eight before he went back up to 20 with Dawnglow Infusion. I went down to 1, held on and clawed back to five life. Eventually I won with 13 damage from a Horde of Notions + buddies alpha strike.

We tried to play game two in the last five minutes, and he had a quick start and I had a bad draw, but he couldn’t finish me in extra turns.

Game record: 1-0

Match record: 1-0

Round 2 vs BG (Doran?)

This was a nonmatch, as he mulled to five in game one and never recovered. In game two I won easily.

Game record: 3-0

Match record: 2-0

Round 3 vs Faeries:

I actually didn’t know how to play this matchup; I figured I should wait for the Bitterblossom on turn 2 with Broken Ambitions, but he wasn’t playing anything either so I blinked first, walking my evoked Mulldrifter into his own Broken Ambitions. After which he played BB on his own turn. I don’t remember more details, but I lost in two, most probably because I don’t really know how to play the matchup.

Game record: 3-2

Match record: 2-1

Round 4 vs Faeries:

This time I won in two games easily; he never had Bitterblossom and I had aggro starts, I was ahead on all metrics all the time.

Game record: 5-2

Match record: 3-1

Round 5 vs Kithkin:

My opponent had complained that he had fought Elementals all five rounds – except I wasn’t the usual Elemental deck!

In game one, a forge tender ran smack into the Plumeveil, and he never recovered from that.

In game two I mulled to five and kept a two-lander with questionable land synergy and quickly lost.

In game three, I took some beats but stabilized at 13 after an awesome Mind Spring for five. My notes have the life at 13-23 in his favor, but he had nothing on the board and I had a full grip; he was frustrated and just scooped.

Game record: 6-3

Match record 4-1

Round six vs Kithkin:

I easily beat him game one due to no maindeck Forge Tenders, meaning I actually got rid of five or so creatures with a Firespout. In game two I mulliganned and had mana issues. In game three he had something like a God start – two Forge Tenders, Wizened Cenn, Meadowgrain, Thistledown Liege and a Reveillark under the hideaway land. I eventually ran out of Cryptics to stall and couldn’t use the spouts due to the BFTs.

Final Game record: 7-4

Final Match record: 4-2

It was a small tournament so 4-2 was good enough for 5th place, winning me 4 packs. The rares were: Rage Reflection, Ghastlord of Fugue, Dramatic Entrance and Painter’s Servant.

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