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Movies -- June 2008

This has been a good month for movies. I saw the following in cinemas:

Kung Fu Panda – complete AWESOMENESS. I drank the Kool-Aid all the way on this one.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – classic Indy goodness.

Incredible Hulk – Edward Norton is cast brilliantly here, a choice on the same level as Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man. And they addressed the issue of Hulk’s stretchy pants!

Wanted – The story is decent, although the Loom of Fate weirded me out a bit. But let’s face it, you’re really here for the kickass gun battles, and the movie pretty much delivers. Remember back when bullet time from the Matrix was a big deal? The gun battles here are like a generation up from that. I love the gunfight through the factory, and the train battle was pretty much insane. The ending was meh, but at least it wasn’t some generic “good guy wins and gets the girl” (er, spoiler much?)

Since I now have a laptop, I’ve also been able to watch more movies on DVD as well:

21 – it’s undeniably a geek movie. If you want to watch it, you need a geek with you to explain how card counting in Blackjack works. It’s pretty good, and also doesn’t have any predictable “hero wins it all” ending. Based on a true story, but I think the win rate may be highly exaggerated.

The Kingdom – we actually just needed something to watch. Something with guns and explosions. This movie did the job. Jamie Fox and Jennifer Gardner are FBI agents who went into Saudi Arabia to hunt down a terrorist. The nice thing is that they don’t portray the Arabian police as incompetent and are instead useful allies, i.e. the Americans don’t hog all the work.

I’ve also managed to watch a few random crap movies as background noise (Monster in Law, Norbit – god, HBO seems to be showing this stupid movie all the time!)

Upcoming movies I’m looking forward to: Dark Knight, obv. Although Hancock seems interesting as well.

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