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I had time to kill before going to see my brother’s art exhibit at megamall, so I went and watched Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li.

It was so bad. I could’ve been able to forgive the fact that they roughly 80% of the story shied away from Street Fighter canon, had the movie’s storyline actually been good. As it is, you can expect short, unsatisfying fight scenes, ridiculous background stories, disjointed plot/scenes (reminds me of Smallville and/or Heroes writing =/), terrible wigs and the ridiculous sight of Michael Clark Duncan getting beaned by a pineapple.

I’m not sure if it was a problem with the theater’s copy, but there were no subtitles for the Chinese/Thai dialogues, which made up a nontrivial portion of the movie. Also, did they really, absolutely need to have the Kikoushou? The internal world of the movie would have been so much more consistent if Chun-Li did not magically learn the ability to create a fireball from nothing. And it’s totally unexplained as well!

Nash and Maya were pretty much useless. Gen, supposedly a really old guy who’s a rival for Akuma, was played by the same guy who played Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat, except he was wearing a really bad wig and apparently could not die. Michael Clark Duncan is wasted in his role as Balrog, who is not even hinted to be a boxer at all… in fact he went so far as to use a bow and arrow in this movie. (Oh, and getting beaned by a pineapple)

@altealice asks: are there enough lolz to make watching it worthwhile?

It depends on how mababaw you are at the time I guess. The plain ridiculousness of the storyline makes you want to facepalm. Things seem to happen at random and with no explanation (It’s never explained why the hell Bison took Chun-li’s father.) I wouldn’t recommend watching it in the moviehouse, but maybe pickup a pirated DVD :p

At least, it’s still better than the Van Damme movie.

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