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I’m trying to get a sense of what are the most commonly-used Java web frameworks, with a focus on large, enterprisey projects. I’m interested in which one is most favored by companies/enterprises (which may not be the same as the one most favored by developers or the open source community I guess). I’d also like to be able to cite specific projects used by each framework, preferably big-ticket or well-known ones.

Anyone have any idea about this stuff or can point me in the right direction?



Depending on what you would like to do.. I would recommand to be familliar with:

  • Hibernate
  • Spring
  • Apache Camel (high value)
  • Apache ServiceMix (esb side) And a good knowledge about servlet (EJB, …) and JSPs.

I’m sure other will come with better ideas but that’s what we are looking for when browsing the dev’s CV.

Last thing: Do what you love to do, that’ll be the best framework ;)

@SimonJ thanks, that’s a bit helpful but (a) it’s out of date (posted Aug 08) and (b) doesnt have the information on enterprise usage I’m looking for