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People who follow me on Facebook or Twitter know that I’ve been recently made a number of anti-Nancy Binay posts. For a while now I’ve been wanting to write a blog post about that and several other election-related thoughts. I’ve decided to present these thoughts it as a fictional chat between made-up characters. Totally fictional characters. Any resemblance to actual people living or dead = pure coincidence. (Although if you must try to imagine these characters, you can imagine jaeger as a dashing idealist, in-in as a cynical pragmatist, ORYLY as a carefree vagabond and Scrappy coco as someone who just wandered into the wrong room.)


10:04:04 * Scrappy coco will Nancy Binay win?

10:04:18 jaeger it is likely

10:04:28 tzia_n will you rage?

10:04:32 Scrappy coco yes

10:04:33 jaeger not really

10:04:45 jaeger i don't mind, idiots need representation too

10:08:03 in-in tsaka bat hate na hate mo si nancy binay over the other candidates? what makes her extra stupid?

10:08:20 jaeger nauna sya e

10:08:24 jaeger i dont hate her

10:08:27 jaeger but she's arrogant

10:08:33 jaeger ok lang kasi yung walang experience

10:08:44 jaeger as long as you acknowledge it

10:09:02 jaeger and talk about how you plan to surpass it

10:09:09 jaeger but she doesn't talk about anything

10:09:19 jaeger her ads are just literal motherhood statements

10:09:32 jaeger and may arrogance kasi, especially from the father

10:09:39 jaeger na qualified daw sya simply because anak nya

10:10:00 in-in ic ic

10:10:14 jaeger pero yung unang commercial pa lang nainis na ko

10:10:21 jaeger sya ata yung unang nagcommercial

10:10:26 jaeger before pa nung campaign period

10:10:38 in-in di ba si villar?

10:10:44 in-in buti na lang wala kaming tv

10:10:48 in-in lol

10:10:53 jaeger ok lang naman ung nagdecide ka magrun for senator kahit walang experience, kahit sino naman pwede mangarap

10:11:31 jaeger actually, almost all the political ads are annoying

10:11:43 jaeger una ko lang napanood ung kay nancy so she's been annoying the longest time

10:12:12 Scrappy coco lol isa pa yung kay Enrile

10:12:14 Scrappy coco lel

10:12:24 Scrappy coco annoying song

10:12:30 Scrappy coco plus annoying gesture

10:12:38 Scrappy coco annoying tagline

10:13:14 in-in annoying everything

10:13:23 in-in enrile daming pera

10:13:45 in-in he doesn't look trustworthy as well. maski si jpe shady din actually yung past.

10:14:09 in-in i can feel some littlefinger vibes from jpe, sr. actually since before pa

10:14:48 Scrappy coco daming flipflopping ni sr

10:17:34 Scrappy coco im really annoyed with the fact na dynasty na ang lumalabas pero sasabihin lng nila "let the people decide".

10:17:59 Scrappy coco #randomrant

10:18:53 jaeger that's not really a problem

10:19:00 jaeger kasi ung people talaga ung problem

10:19:17 Scrappy coco yeah in a way, people din may kasalanan

10:19:20 ORYLY if only we could somehow leverage the power of the information age

10:19:22 jaeger the dynasty restriction is just a hack to attempt to minimize the problem

10:19:30 ORYLY yeah

10:20:30 jaeger dapat may some sort of viral facebook meme

10:20:46 jaeger like "change your profile pic to this icon if you're going to vote intelligently"

10:20:49 jaeger lol i dunno

10:21:04 in-in ahahaha

10:21:07 jaeger marami namang smart people sa pilipinas, someone needs to figure something like this out

10:21:07 Scrappy coco also binay is arrogant when she said in a statement that sth like ayaw nya makipagdebate, kitakits na lng sa senate floor

10:21:09 in-in and what will that do?

10:21:28 jaeger in-in at the very least raise awareness

10:21:39 jaeger and baka may peer pressure

10:21:49 in-in sabagay nagawan nga ng TRO yung cybercrime bill

10:21:51 jaeger not just the profile pic thing

10:21:57 jaeger dapat may some sort of manifesto

10:22:02 in-in from just changing our profile pics to black

10:22:45 jaeger well, most of the internet is already against nancy lol

10:23:13 jaeger the problem is really the loads of people who are easily fooled by the going around and shaking hands, cheap giveaways, mababaw na commercials

10:23:42 jaeger *easily swayed

10:24:45 jaeger oh, and one should talk to people

10:24:47 jaeger on the street

10:24:53 jaeger taxi drivers, jeepney drivers

10:25:06 jaeger not necessarily to convince them of anything

10:25:11 jaeger but just to get them thinking

10:25:44 jaeger i say this but i dont really do it. may risk of getting into a politically heated debate with a man who could get you killed if he gets careless

10:25:57 ORYLY hehe

10:26:22 jaeger > ‹jaeger› but just to get them thinking <- and maybe convince them to talk to other people too. parang pyramiding

10:26:24 ORYLY but does it help when you do it at that scale?

10:26:34 ORYLY ah, try to get a meme going

10:26:36 jaeger that's where the pyramiding comes in!

10:27:00 ORYLY kasi you need to make it virulent

10:27:09 ORYLY catchy songs are virulent

10:27:09 jaeger kaya nga kelangan maraming tao ang gumagawa

10:27:12 jaeger it cant just be me

10:27:20 jaeger oh man, have you seen the comelec ads

10:27:26 jaeger about ung mga bawal na election practices

10:27:33 jaeger grabe ang obvious na low budget lol

10:27:39 in-in > ‹jaeger› the problem is really the loads of people who are easily fooled by the going around and shaking hands, cheap giveaways, mababaw na commercials >> nahh they're easily swayed by the MOOLAH

10:27:40 ORYLY I haven't turned on the TV since forever

10:27:56 in-in and the intelligent people are not registered

10:27:57 Scrappy coco si mr bawal!

10:28:06 jaeger ibang issue pa yung vote buying

10:28:09 ORYLY that's because the really intelligent thing is to sway other people

10:28:15 ORYLY not to vote intelligently yourself

10:28:19 jaeger pero unti-unti rin yun magtuturn if people start thinking

10:29:07 ORYLY yeah, but isn't that the riddle of the century?

10:30:47 jaeger what do you mean?

10:30:55 jaeger i was thinking of writing a blog post about all of this

10:31:03 jaeger but now i think i'll just paste this chat log lol

10:31:12 jaeger it covers most of the things i was thinking about

10:31:39 jaeger probably cut the part about enrile (libel lolz)

10:32:11 ORYLY making people start thinking is hard

10:32:23 ORYLY well, doing it at a scale that matters

10:32:42 jaeger if it was easy, it would already be done

10:32:47 jaeger anything worth doing is hard

10:33:06 ORYLY yeah, I mean you've come back to the same problem that everyone came across before

10:33:08 ORYLY other people!

10:33:53 derp > ‹in-in› and the intelligent people are not registered <-- woohoo! I'm intelligent!

10:34:05 jaeger we just need more ideas. there are lots of smart people that could be helping -- social scientists, psychologists, behavioral scientists, etc. -- who might be able to come up with ways to more easily propagate stuff like this

10:35:22 * ORYLY they're working for advertising companies and the campaign management

10:36:54 jaeger voter education is important, but practically no one is talking about it though

10:37:15 Scrappy coco should the media?

10:37:16 jaeger not even self-professed reformists

10:37:16 ORYLY funds, yeah

10:38:08 jaeger feeling ko delikado kasi to talk about voter education kasi you might offend the masses? I dunno

10:38:53 ORYLY is that it?

10:38:56 ORYLY sounds like a neutral topic

10:39:01 ORYLY maybe because it's a boring topic

10:39:33 jaeger well that too

10:39:41 jaeger it's not like candidates actually talk about issues!

10:39:50 in-in offend the masses?

10:39:53 jaeger well sometimes they do, but not when their audience is the masses

10:40:14 ORYLY maybe the important things just have to be framed correctly?

10:40:28 ORYLY framed interestingly, I mean

10:41:00 ORYLY framed scandalously

10:41:00 jaeger framed with MONEY

10:41:01 jaeger jk

10:41:07 jaeger ooh scandalously haha

10:41:32 jaeger may scandal video talking about voting wisely

10:41:52 Scrappy coco lel

10:41:56 jaeger or or or

10:42:13 jaeger kris aquino complaining about her ex husband not voting wisely

10:42:34 jaeger may iyak iyak pa

10:42:43 ORYLY fund it

10:42:47 ORYLY err

10:42:50 ORYLY crowdfund it

10:42:54 ORYLY grassroots

10:42:55 ORYLY yeaaaah

10:42:56 jaeger lol kickstarter

10:43:27 * ORYLY poof for social change

10:44:06 Scrappy coco or or or Janine Tugonon breaking up with BF on Kris TV for not voting wisely

10:44:07 jaeger ok i guess that's enough material

10:44:10 jaeger lol



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