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X-Men First Class

Just rewatched the ending of X-Men First Class. As far as origin stories go, it’s pretty decent (although a number of continuity issues with the other X-Men movies exist). Charles getting crippled during the time that he and Erik part ways is certainly better than the canon comics story of him getting crippled by a random alien. The use of the Cuban Missile Crisis was also a good idea considering how the timeline matched up with Erik’s time in the Nazi camps. It’s too bad Magneto’s character is tied to that particular time period - as time passes it will get harder to write Magneto stories as we’re currently approaching the time when he should be around a hundred years old already. Future reboots might need a new villain altogether or maybe a rewrite of Erik’s origin to replace the concentration camp traumas with something else.

Despite the mediocrity of the X-Men movies so far (they’re ok, but they’re no The Dark Knight) I’m actually fairly excited to see where Bryan Singer is going to take the series with Days of Future Past as all indications point to the present day timeline of the 3 X-Men movies being the dystopian future to the timeline of First Class.

I also wouldn’t mind Marvel coming up with a new series with a similar set of origin stories for Charles and Erik (and maybe some of the kids from First Class, but too bad for Darwin lol). Maybe when they have the next “Ultimate” universe eh?

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I found this bit of X-Men: First Class (2011) Trivia amusing -
They can just have a story where some magic type or nanomachines or an experimental anti-mutant poison restores his youth. Or he gets cloned and his memories get transferred to the clone. Maybe he gets replaced by a dire wraith that absorbs his personality and memories. Or he's a robot that's gotten the memories of the original. There's plenty of ways to stretch him out forever, given all the stuff they've already done with marvel reboots and continuities =P
All of those are fine for comics (and a few have already been done) but i'm not sure they'd be good for a movie. Maybe just something simple like his powers make him age slowly like wolverine :p
Ohh, for movies. For movies, they'll just ignore it and say "The explanation's in the comics." =P —-spoiler for others—- It's been a while since I've seen it, but I kinda felt like they didn't draw out the drama of Erik's confrontation with Shaw well. The guy was in a room surrounded by metal. Erik should have peeked in, seen he was there, sealed off all the exits and squashed him like a bug. This is after Erik was skilled and strong enough to lift the enormous tonnage of the sub right into the air; turning the entire secret room into a trash-compactor would have been trivial. And if he really had to do the dramatic screw-you speech, he could have just stopped once Shaw was encased in 10 tons of steel and then opened a little window to gloat through.