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Vice Presidential Debate

Commentary thread for the vice presidential debate today

[18:55] Leni doing well. Calm, composed yet striking hard. Marcos following Binay strategy: deny deny deny #vpdebates

[19:05] Apc asking opponents for a plan but when asked to elaborate on their plans: gagalingan lang namin

[19:09] Omg this debate. So many savage burns

[19:12] APC really hates BBM. Sya kasi ang kaagaw sa duterte supporters

[19:15] So far APC, Trillianes, Leni doing well. Chiz and Gringo weak answers. BBM lol

[19:21] Leni not shying away from traffic problems. Hits her strong points emphasizing she’s a commuter and taga province

[19:38] APC coming out strong on traffic/transpo. Leni answered well, not denying delays in infra. Would’ve been better if she came out vs Abaya

[19:46] Leni wasted a lot of time describing the internet problems. APC hitting OFW and oligarchy notes popular with duterte supporters

[19:52] APC doing much better than his presidential candidate, always hitting the political will notes whenever infra is discussed and focusing on anecdotal stories of ordinary folk

[19:55] Bakit ang sleep inducing ng boses ni Chiz? Parang mas ok na mag orate si Grace

[20:15] Grabe chiz wth were you even talking about. Parang estudyante na pinipilit punuin yung 2 page na essay, kulang na lang lakihan yung font

[20:17] Leni and BBM gave good answers to the cabinet position question. BBM speaks well (like his father) except when trying to defend his family

[20:19] Closing statements:

Leni: Among the 6 of us, may the best woman win <3

Chiz: did he actually say anything? Parang estudyante na pinipilit mapuno yung 2 pages na essay. Kulang na lang lakihan yung font size

APC: All-in na kami dun sa 3-6 months!

[20:33] I think Leni and APC performed best in this debate. BBM speaks well but as expected unable to defend his family/martial law. Trillianes medyo ok. Chiz and Gringo weak

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APC is a jealous spouse whose partner admires another more.
Looking forward for more comments. Cant watch e
Parang prof ng history haha
Pwede daw syang boses ng waze lol
Pag inaantok na, mahirap na mag isip
Kung di siya LP, she may have slipping into finger pointing. But goung after Abaya isn't the right answer. It also have boomeranged back to Mar.