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Play-wise, it’s impossible to predict what kind of decks there’ll be in March, so just practice general tight play for now.

Aside from that, the biggest difference a large tournament like a GP has compared to an FNM is the sheer length of the tournament. I’m not sure how large GPs in your area get, but I would typically expect 9 or 10 rounds on the first day. If you’re used to just playing 4-5 rounds of FNM, it can get exhausting. You need to build up both your physical and mental stamina. So what I would suggest is playing at other large tournaments near you to start getting used to it. 7-8 rounds should be fine, if you have trouble looking for something with at least 9 rounds. PPTQs and SCG stuff are your best bet, although some stores might have larger GPT events too if they have a large enough playerbase.

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