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Someone on quora asked:

Is it really good to treat people good all the time?

It’s untrue that most people see kindness and forgiveness as a weakness. It probably depends on where you live, but I think in general the opposite is true. People would see it as a virtue and wish they could be as kind. It may not seem as such to you because generally unkind people are a lot louder and more visible.

Being good to other people is not only beneficial for the people you are good to, but it is beneficial for you yourself as well, since it encourages you to have a positive outlook in life and grows your soul. It helps you make connections to other human beings. Even if being kind to another people only had a 10% chance of giving you a positive connection to another person, that is still miles better than the 0% chance that being unkind would.

Being good to other people is also beneficial to society as a whole, because we are able to accomplish much more working together than being apart. Imagine a society where everyone was uncaring for other people vs a society where everyone is kind. The second society would be more prone to cooperation and connections being built and have a greater sense of community, which means that more “greater good” can be achieved.

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