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I’m using the demo of jsPlumb here:

In this demo, there’s no way to move an existing connection to a different target node. Any idea how to do it?

Some of the other examples have movable connections, but they also use specific endpoints on the nodes. I like this particular example where I can drag the connection endpoint to any point of the target node.


Can you put that example on or so results can be easily modified and shared by those attempting to answer your question?
It’s literally just the same example that’s on their website but sure why not:,css,js,output
Thank you, it makes life easier for people who are taking time out of their day to help you for free.

You can move the connection to another target in your example,

You may just hover the mouse inside the small point, and when the cursor become à hand you can click on and move the connection to another target.

I alos do this, like in the picture, i moved some connection from their original target.

enter image description here