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I’m not a big believer in New Year’s resolutions, but here’s some suggestions if you’re into that sort of thing:

  • learn a new language
  • talk to strangers more often
  • visit 12 museums (one per month)
  • step away from your devices once a week (increase the duration every time)
  • read at least 12 non-fiction books
  • read at least 12 physical books
  • write a poem; maybe write 12 poems
  • walk in the rain
  • travel somewhere alone
  • learn to draw
  • stop a fight
  • walk two thousand kilometers
  • make more puns
  • find something you can change in your local community and try to change it
  • figure out what it means to be happy
  • start twelve new side projects
  • finish one side project
  • once a week, throw out a few things you no longer need

These aren’t things I’m committing to, but they are examples of the sort of NYRs I’d be likely to take on.

I’m also not a fan of big lifestyle changes like going to the gym or quitting smoking as NYRs, I feel like those things need a completely different approach and level of discipline/commitment than just deciding to arbitrarily switch over on a certain date. I prefer incremental life improvements as NYRs, similar in scale to the above. Also consider: Instead of one resolution for the entire year, try 12 30-day challenges instead. The smaller scale makes the goal less daunting and a bit more achievable. Sticking to something for 30 days is way easier than a whole year.

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