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New Year's Checklist 2019

Most of these are carried over from the 2017 checklist. Maybe an annual thing, eh?

In no particular order:

  • Greet your loved ones and friends and anyone else you hold dear. Maybe even those you disagree with
  • Ponder why people give so much significance to the transition between an arbitrarily-chosen pair of 24 hour periods
  • Take stock and reflect on the past year
  • Think about what you’d like to learn this year or how you want to improve
  • Count your blessings for the past year and be grateful
  • Change your passwords
  • Buy a new toothbrush
  • Make a New Year’s joke (“If you must use fireworks of any kind tonight, at least try to limit your injuries to the left leg only. That way you can start the new year on the right foot.")
  • Set a target of how many books you’ll read in 2019
  • Choose the first book to read
  • Throw away a few things you no longer need
  • Make a list of where you will travel to in 2019
  • Check out what movies are coming out this year and which ones you want to watch (see below)
  • Audit your financials – where is your money going, how much do you owe, how much are you earning, where should you invest, etc
  • Make another New Year’s joke (“If you go to the toilet at 11:59PM, you won’t get out til next year!")
  • Pick up your keyboard and shake out all the grime that’s gathered there over the past year
  • Make a list of projects you want to do in 2019
  • Choose something from the past year that you’re going to stop watching or doing
  • Eat your favorite food. Or ice cream. Ice cream is great.
  • Remember that there’s a new Doctor Who special today (well January 1 in the UK)
  • Get rid of 2018 calendars
  • Make a list for the new year!
  • Clean up the photos on your phone, tablet and computer
  • Delete all files downloaded 2017 or earlier
  • Follow up on the people who owe you money or things
  • Review your recurring luxury costs (Netflix, etc) and evaluate whether you still really need them
  • Export your FB, Instagram and Twitter data

2019 Movies/TV/Games calendar:


  • 08 Jan Bumblebee
  • 06 Mar Captain Marvel
  • 05 Apr Shazam
  • 26 Apr Avengers Endgame
  • 07 Jun X-Men Dark Phoenix
  • 05 Jul Spider-Man From From Home
  • 02 Aug New Mutants
  • 04 Oct Joker
  • 20 Dec Star Wars Episode IX


  • 11 Jan Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition
  • 25 Jan Kingdom Hearts III
  • 15 Feb Civ6 Gathering Storm


  • Jan Punisher S2
  • Apr Game of Thrones S8
  • Fall Crisis on Infinite Earths Arrowverse crossover

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