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Watching Lately: December 2018

Some things I’ve been watching lately, aside from the usual TV shows I follow:

I very much enjoyed Elseworlds, the Arrowverse crossover this year. I mean sure, a lot of it didn’t make any sense, but it was like a love letter to DC fans. I actually consider myself more of a Marvel fan than DC, but I still loved it! I wrote a spoiler-free review over on the Tumblr.

I found Better Call Saul on a couple of “Best TV of 2018” lists so I decided to catch up with it since it was on Netflix. I was actually two seasons behind. This series is great, and I really enjoy Bob Odenkirk’s portrayal, but it might be just a bit overhyped for me. We already know where Jimmy/Saul, Mike, the Salamancas, and Gus Fring end up given Breaking Bad, so that kind of takes away a bit of tension. Still, it’s a fine TV show.

I also got caught up with The Ranch, which is a weird show for me to watch given how hillbilly it is, but I find the perspective strangely refreshing. Also, Elisha Cuthbert really helps. I was surprised that they had killed off Danny Masterson’s character (oops spoilers), apparently it was a #MeToo thing or such.

Into the Spider-Verse was great, especially for a fan of the comics. You can read my spoiler-free review on tumblr.

I watched Aquaman with a friend at UPTC, my first time watching at the theaters there. I had low expectations, but the movie was a surprisingly fun spectacle. You can read my spoiler-free review on tumblr.

At home, I watched Incredibles 2 with the niece, who has a bad habit of spoiling things for movies she’s already seen. To the tune of “Oh, did you know Character is actually Villain?!?”. Still, the movie was nice, exceeded my expectations. It expanded the Incredibles’ superhero universe and there was even some surprise Bob Odenkirk!

We also watched Solo: A Star Wars Story on Christmas eve (since we didn’t get a Christmas Star Wars film this year). We didn’t have time to finish it before we went to mass though, so I finished the movie myself a couple of days later. I had skipped watching this in the theater given the mediocre ratings, but now that I’ve seen it, that’s a decision I’ve come to regret. It’s a reasonable movie with a servicable plot, especially given it’s basically meant to expound upon a couple of throwaway lines from the original trilogy. The plot even leaves some dangling threads that could have picked up in succeeding movies, had Disney not decided to scrap (at least for now) the Star Wars spinoff movies. The movie compares unfavorably to Rogue One, which had the far superior heist scheme. In both movies we expected many of the introduced characters to be killed off, but the Rogue One deaths were much better than the Solo ones. Still, it’s an okay addition to the Star Wars universe. I read that it also has some tie-ins to the various animated series, which I’m not too familiar with. Maybe I’ll get into those someday.

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