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Whatever doesn't kill you

“Whatever doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.”

  • Nietzche

I liked this quote a lot when I was younger and more gung-ho, especially about things like work. In fact, I may have considered it as a bit of a defining quote back then. I guess the idea was ‘ok, we’ll rush in and try anything, at worst we learn a lesson and be better for next time’. I think it’s kind of the naive optimism that can only come with youth.

As I’ve grown older my views on things like self-care and burnout have evolved, and the quote seems a bit silly to you know. I mean, we all know there are things that won’t kill you but can make you weaker, like depression or getting disabled or yes even burnout.

And frankly, there are more important things than being stronger.

Edit: Hey, I’ve posted about this quote before!

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