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2019 Windows Installation List

So I recently reinstalled Windows 10. This reminded me that there used to be a time that I reinstalled Windows so often that I would maintain a standard “installation list” of software that I would install afterwards. (I’m sure I have at least one of those old lists somewhere in my backups, too lazy to look for them now.). I thought I’d post an updated 2019 version, based on the recent episode.




This list is relatively short, compared to how it was back in the day. Of course, there are more work-related things I haven’t listed here, as I’m sure eventually I’ll have to install XAMPP (for webserver and mysql db), Node/NPM (because it’s everywhere in the industry these days) and possibly vagrant as well (for virtualization), but I can do those things on demand. These are the more immediate essentials. In the old days, I’d also be installing stuff like an image viewer, a media player, a file compression program, putty (for ssh), and so on, but with modern OSes all of those are largely unnecessary or can be replaced by cloud services so these days the list is significantly shorter.

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