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My COVID19 Diary is still ongoing, although that TOC is starting to get unwieldy. Need to think of a better UX solution for that.

“Time is meaningless under extreme enhanced community quarantine”
“Time is meaningless under extreme enhanced community quarantine” (Click to view full-size)

I know it’s probably unrealistic, but I’m hoping the lockdown somehow gets lifted sooner rather than later. It’s not that I crave social interaction (I don’t), but I miss going out for food. I miss pizza. And japanese curry. And fancy sandwiches with sesame seeds and such. The food at the house is fine and all, but tends to get repetitive. And during the last grocery run, the only mayonnaise they had was Best Foods Mayo Magic. Bleah. I’m so gonna eat at so many places after all of this is over.

On the upside, I did get to do much more stuff this work compared to last week, among other things:

  • published a few posts
  • participated in 2 online quiz nights!
  • a bit more consulting work
  • some room cleanup
  • some cleanup/sorting of old files and stuff
  • did the groceries
  • paid my dad’s credit card bills online (he was actually planning to go to the bank to pay them!)

Watching lately

I think I’ll retire the watching lately tag and just include my media notes here in the weeknotes. More convenient, and more fine-tuned. Let’s see how it works out.

For this week:

  • watched 4 new movies. Rate has slowed down a lot, but I figure I could get to a 100 for the year still. Princess Mononoke and Logan Lucky were particularly good
  • also started watching Picard (via Amazon Prime Video), since all the episodes have aired. I’m only a couple of episodes in, but I can already tell it has a completely different feel than TNG (or any of the TV series pre-Discovery for that matter)
  • greatly enjoyed Brooklyn Nine-Nine this week with JK Simmons!


Since everyone’s at home, I’m getting a lot of multiplayer gaming done. This week our gaming group got into team Starcraft 2 vs AI battles. (We find ladder too stressful!). Since we have discord these days for voice, there is much more coordination in the team battles. And we even have some post-match analysis going on in our discord channel!

On the singleplayer side, I managed to finished Megaman 1 in the Legacy Collection! Easily the toughest of the early Megaman games. Here’s a video of me struggling to beat the yellow devil/cyclops. I’m hoping to be able to beat all 6 of the games in the collection. I’m old and rusty and don’t have the reflexes of 1990s Roy, but at least I have savescumming.

I passed on this month’s Humble Choice. I kind of wanted Fell Seal, but not that badly.

Personal projects: Minor bug fixes mostly.

Recent site changes:

I don’t have anything specific to look forward to in the coming week. Time under the lockdown moves at a different scale, we just take everything one day at a time.