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Weeknotes 2020-03-01

It’s March!

These weeknotes are coming in late in the day, for various reasons. The world news recently has mostly revolved around the COVID19 pandemic. Even the Americans are starting to get worried now. The PH still has surprisingly few cases, and we’ve even been commended by WHO for our containment efforts! Those of us who are used to our government’s usual level of competence are a bit wary - for all we know we might already have a hidden epidemic going undetected. Or maybe we managed to get lucky this time? Let’s hope this pandemic dies down soon.

Gaming: Tales of Berseria platinum run is almost complete, probably less than an hour of grinding to go. So maybe a blog post sometime this week. I’ll be glad to finally move on. I enjoyed the game, but that platinum grind, ugh. (Though still better than some of the other Tales…). I also didn’t do any streaming this week (short break), will try to stream a new game this week.

Personal projects: Proceeding apace. Got a bunch of work done on one of them last week, adding reporting features and such. Gonna need to queue up some additional features. I think this was most of my busy time this week.

Paid work: Billed a small amount of time, mostly for consulting meetings.

Last Tuesday was a Holiday (EDSA), but that didn’t affect me much. Ash Wednesday was last Wednesday.

Site changes this week:

  • Redesign finally pushed out!
  • Some other behind-the-scenes stuff fixed to make things easier for me when I import content

This coming week I’m looking forward to:

  • two quiz nights this week, apparently. Was only planning on one, but a second one popped up with a gaming theme, and that’s hard to turn down for me.
  • family event on Saturday
  • planning out the coming months’ worth of projects.
  • I’m trying out a new thing, hopefully I can talk about it soonish maybe
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