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Weeknotes 2020-02-23

The week went by quickly for me for some reason. I suppose it was mainly because I actually did some paid work this week (just some planning and technical review for a future project) and that I had multiple events to attend (two quiz nights and there two birthdays in the family).

That and maybe doing the Tales of Berseria platinum stuff might be taking up a lot of my time. One would think the plat grinding would be tedious, but I kinda enjoy ToB’s battle system, so it’s not so bad. I was even inspired to check out my old Tales of Hearts R save and see if I could plat that too. Then also checked Xillia and Graces. Lol, if I went back and platinumed all the Tales games I might never have time for any other games.

Both quiz nights were a wash however. I was pretty confident in our team for the Geekfight league game, but the competition was fierce and we didn’t end up placing, though we retained the tie for league first place. The other one was a love-song themed quiz in Quezon City. I suspected I would be next to useless for this one, but attended anyway to support and encourage more North-side quizzes. We ended losing a tiebreak question that would have gotten us third place, and had to settle for a mediocre fourth. Which was actually pretty amazing considering we had one round with only a single point!

Somewhat related: I spent some nontrivial amount of time over the past two weeks rewatching all of Rick and Morty, since that was one of the topics for the Geekfight league game. I also write like 8 pages of a Google doc worth of notes on trivia for each episode. The review was pretty useful, since I ended up answering 9 out of 10 questions correctly (the only miss being a non-episode related question), but I don’t think I’m doing that again. I was reminded however of how useful actual note-taking is for study, since the physical act of note taking reinforces the memory muscles somehow. I’m sure the retention would have been much stronger if I had done it by hand instead of digital (though my wrists might kill me). TLDR: Note-taking super useful, but probably not worth it just for a quiz. On the upside, I did enjoy the R&M rewatch. I might post my notes sometime this week as a blog post too.

Still doing some minor coding work on my personal projects throughout the week. Mostly QoL stuff, no big fixes/changes/features yet. I should block out some time to work on those.

Site changes this week:

  • super minor QoL fixes
  • redesign still pending

This week I’m looking forward to:

  • site: continue the redesign things
  • side project: work on some QoL improvements
  • still haven’t watched Birds of Prey, might be running out of time. Also thinking about watching Sonic maybe?

There might also be some unscheduled work coming in, but for the most part it’s looking to be light (uncommitted) week, so I can probably work on stuff!

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