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Weeknotes 2020-02-09

I suppose we should be grateful that we didn’t receive any new portents of the apocalypse in the past seven days. Unless you count the US senate refusing to remove Trump from office. And maybe we should. If only the aftershocks of US politics didn’t affect rest of the world so much then we would all just be laughing at them instead.

Oh, and the coronavirus is still going strong apparently. There was this recent article I read about how China’s authoritarian government prioritizes it’s own self-image, over the safety of its citizens. They’ve even been censoring news about the death of a doctor that sounded the alarm about the disease early on. This is one of those scenarios where a cultural aversion to transparency (enforced and enabled by the authoritarian government) works to the detriment of the public. When whistleblowers are treated so badly, then problems tend to be kept under wraps and may not be addressed properly.

Relatedly, Trump recently fired a national security official/Ukraine specialist who testified at the house impeachment hearings. Democracy is in peril, yet still we soldier on.

Ok enough of the world’s problems for now. What is this, a late show monologue?

As for me, I spent most of the week playing Tales of Berseria still, and also working on some personal projects, and running errands. Not much to talk about in public I’m afraid.

I did manage to restart my movie-watching though. Only a couple this week, but that’s plenty.

We also did a quiz night last Tuesday at Geekfight. It was the 2nd game of the league and we lost by 1 point! Well, it was a second place (i.e. first loser) finish, which meant we get to choose 2/3rds of the categories for the next league quiz, so hopefully we get the crown back in two weeks.

This week I’m looking forward to:

  • another quiz night, in QC this time!
  • working on some more changes/fixes/improvements to my recent personal project and the backend for this blog. (I did some of this last week too, but there’s always more to do!)
  • need to get some medical stuff done. Nothing serious, just the regular things.
  • I guess I should watch that new Harley Quinn movie?
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