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Weeknotes 2020-02-16

The world’s crises continue to settle in, but at least we have no new entries. The coronavirus continues to spread, will probably be a while before it tapers off. Our dear president, in his finite wisdom, has decided to withdraw from the US-PH visiting forces agreement. I’m sure our Chinese masters approve.

The Oscars were held last week. Didn’t watch or anything, but happy for the Parasite win, about time for a foreign language best picture.

The world needs us to be better.

We went to a QC quiz night last Wednesday. To get to the venue, I found myself walking through the old neighborhood again, the one where I grew up. It’s been a while since the last time. Unlike last time where I only had a quick unscheduled glance, this time I went out of my way to walk down a few streets in the area, since I had the time.

The streets I walked were narrower and shorter than I remember - I guess in my head I still see them through a ten-year-old’s eyes. I recognize many of the houses I walk past, neighbors we never really knew. But I recognized their plants! One house still had a lot of greenery adorning their facade, same as I remember it. In the last post I wrote that our old lot had been replaced by three townhouses, but this time when I passed by I saw there were four identical ones side-by-side, and I couldn’t tell which three replaced my grandmother’s house. Was the fourth one added later, or did I simply miss it the last time I was here?

There was also a KFC now along Anonas, to my left as I emerged from our old street. That used to be some kind of car repair complex, I think? Memories are hazy. I think to myself: “there should be a Google Maps version of the Wayback Machine, showing us what the streets looked like some time ago, for nostalgia’s sake.” I continue walking and take a break at a 7-11 across the street from the old bakery.

(As for the quiz, we won handily, though I suggested that dominating so much might discourage future quizzes in the same area. Eh, whatever.)

Three movies watched this week, all of them very good. Aside from that, I’ve also been rewatching all of Rick and Morty. It’s a fun rewatch, but I’m mostly doing it because it’s a topic for a quiz next week, and it can be a very challenging show for that purpose, because most episodes are filled wall-to-wall with zany antics, it’s hard to tell what needs to be remembered.

I finished Tales of Berseria last Friday! Well, the main story at least. I plan to still go for the platinum, though that’ll probably take quite a bit longer. So the blog post/review will have to wait a bit. I feel like I’m already way over the typical hours for the first run though.

I had one of my regular checkups this week. Bloodwork all came back good, but the annoying thing was mild coughs/cold I was experiencing since the start of the week. Probably exacerbated by the cold nights. Now is not a good time to be remotely Chinese looking and coughing/sneezing in public! My doctor prescribed a bunch of things, including some nasal spray and a pill I have to dissolve in a glass of water. Hopefully they help; the cold seems to have receded by now, but I still have the coughs.

Site changes this week:

  • not much in terms of blog posts last week. I did have some things in mind, just not the time or energy to sit down and fire one out
  • did some work on the import backend for tweets, pockets links, etc. Mostly a revamp needed for future enhancements that I want. Fixed some bugs. Imported links from pocket are automatically shared to Mastodon now.
  • started work on the planned redesign. Lots of things to think about re: layouts and I’ll probably be trying out some CSS things. Referencing a number of blogs whose layout I like. I don’t wanna rush it, so it may take a while. I previously said it would be limited to the home page, but looks like scope is creeping up!

This week I’m looking forward to:

  • I have some actual work lined up. Not much, just some planning and estimation stuff. Not that I’m looking forward to it, but might be good as a change of pace.
  • we might be doing two quiz nights next week.
  • there’s also some family birthdays, etc.
  • site: continue the redesign things
  • side project: work on some QoL improvements
  • still haven’t watched Birds of Prey
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