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2020 Movies update: 7 movies watched in Feb. Probably the best movie I’ve seen this month was Knives Out. (Jojo Rabbit close second.) The goal of 200 movies for the year is getting farther!

As for TV, I think most of my watching time was spent rewatching Rick and Morty for quiz purposes lol. Well, Criminal Minds ended, so there’s that. Arrowverse has been meh, though I did enjoy Supergirl’s 100th episode.

Hm, I guess I haven’t actually watched a lot of stuff in the past month. There’s a ton of stuff that I’ve been wanting to watch but haven’t gotten around to: The Expanse, Star Trek Picard, new season of Jack Ryan, Birds of Prey/Harley Quinn, and so on. We’ll see if things get better next month maybe?

Bonus, since this entry was kinda short: Here’s three movies I started watching but didn’t manage to finish:

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey. It started off with like 20 minutes of some monkeys shouting at each other and a mysterious black box and I kind of lost interest. I’m sure that kind of thing was fine in 1968 when the movie came out and the people whose butts were already in the theatre were like “this is strange, but we’re already here, so we might as well sit through it”, but it’s 2020, I kind of need something to hold my internet-broken attention span more easily. It’s also one of the most renowned and highly-praised movies of all time, so I’m probably losing something here. Will try to resume it sometime.
  • The Conjuring. We have a horror-movie themed quiz category coming up so I thought I’d watch a horror movie. I don’t think I’ve voluntarily done so since having been mentally scarred by The Gate (1987) as a kid. I picked The Conjuring, it was first on Netflix’s list of horror movies. I sat through the appropriately-creepy intro, then one of my quiz teammates told me he’d already unwillingly seen it before and couldn’t sleep for a week after, and I was like “You just gave me an excuse not to watch it.” so I stopped.
  • Carrie (2013). I didn’t want to give up on horror movies just yet, so I picked another title from Netflix. I chose this one because it had Hit-Girl. It started out with typical teenage bullying stuff before she manifested her mutant powers and after that I kept thinking they needed to contact Professor Xavier, and couldn’t take it seriously after that.