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Weeknotes 2020-04-26

It’s the last week of April, but thanks to an extension, we are still in for three more weeks of quarantine.

The COVID19 Diary is still being updated sporadically. Only went out once this week, for groceries. We tried to buy a bit more than usual, hoping to reduce the number of times we need to go out. We also celebrated a couple of birthdays in the family, through a zoom call, complete with the grandkids blowing on a candle from across the internet.

The week wasn’t very productive. Lots of sitting or lying around, scrolling through feeds, instead of doing something “productive”. I mean, I used to do this even before the quarantine, but these days I’m just more inclined, I think?

Lot less consulting work this week, as I wrapped up most of the stuff I needed to do last week.

We skipped this week’s online Geekfight, because the categories were not in our favor. We did watch the stream, and I could only answer at most one question per round. We were hoping to do well in the PopQuiz one, since it was a rerun of a 90s-themed quiz that we actually won a few years ago. The competition was tougher this time though, and we ended up in the lower half of the pack.

Watching lately

Didn’t watch anything this week other than the Brooklyn Nine-Nine season finale (great episode!) and seasons 2-3 of Psych (the series can be uneven, but is still entertaining to watch).

Some things of interest:

  • Just a week after writing about using Bibliogram for instagram RSS feeds, they ended up disabling them on their instance due to the increased load. I’d like to think that was my fault. They provided some alternatives, including other instances or even running your own. I instead ended up just using RSS Bridge. Hope it works out.


Ikoria drafting is proceeding apace, with me doing at least one draft a day. All the records available at the MTGIKO tag.

My LGS has contacted me saying they can now deliver my FF7 Remake Deluxe Edition preorder! I made the payment last Friday, and hopefully I can receive it later this week. Now how to get my PS4 from my brother…

I purchased the Jackbox Party Pack 5 from Steam last week and played a few YDKJ games with the quiz team, with streaming via Discord. Not bad, reasonably entertaining (although US-centric). The rest of the games in the pack seem boring though. Might need the right crowd.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is proceeding apace. Somehow top-down isometric RPGs aren’t as enticing to me now compared to FF-style games. I guess they do feel similar to Baldur’s Gate back in the day and Pillars more recently, but the immersion is a bit more challenging.

Site updates: Nothing of significance this week.

I should have a sign-off. How about “Don’t drink bleach?”

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